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The Rise of Eye Make-Up

The use of protective face masks will undoubtedly fuel post-COVID-19 beauty opportunities when it comes to Colour Cosmetics. Make-up products such as eyeliners, mascaras, eyeshadows and concealers, are all expected to increase in popularity as we incorporate protective masks into our everyday lives (Mintel, 2020).

Whilst it is expected that point makeup (such as eye shadows, eyebrow pencils etc) will experience a surge for consumers looking to enhance their eyes, base makeup (such as primers/foundations and concealers) may face challenges as consumers will desire an end product that lasts under masks.

Working in partnership with Sandream Impact, Surfachem distributes a range of speciality chemicals for colour cosmetic formulators. Their extensive portfolio of innovative ingredients are particularly suitable for formulators wanting to add extra sparkle and lustre to the latest cosmetics developments.

Try it at Home

With masks now mandatory in public places, such as supermarkets, shopping centres and public transport, our team have experimented with Sandream’s latest kit - ‘Eye nailed it’. Featuring: SilikMira Max PGO, Alchemique Rose Gold and Alchemique Teal


Pigment Ingredient Portfolio

July highlights include (all links redirect to Sandream Impact)

Sources: Mintel 2020

For more information or to request a sample of any of the above colour cosmetics ingredients, please contact us or send us an email at

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Tuesday, 11 August 2020



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