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Enhance Your Skin Care Routine

February is the month of Valentine’s and all things love. In light of this, it’s the perfect time to love your skin by adding that hint of sparkle into your daily routine -refresh, renew and rejuvinate dry winter skin with Sandream Impact.

Sandream Impact

On behalf of Sandream Impact, Surfachem distributes a range of speciality chemical ingredients and pigments. From emollients to cosmetic active ingredients, we’d love to support your next personal care formulation line.


Actives, Emollients and Sensory Raw Materials

Here’s this month’s highlights from Sandream Impact’s product portfolio:

Sandream Colours

Find out more about Sandream Impact’s illuminating pigments.

Colour Description
Majestic Cranberry A free flowing powder composed of mica and carmine. The small particle size and saturated pigmentation enables the formulator to achieve rich tones with ease.
Impact Silver Fine A white, lustrous powder composed of Mica, Titanium Dioxide, and Tin Oxide. It supplies balance, feel, transparency, and slip to a variety of powder and liquid formulations.This pigment is semi-transparent and has multiple reflective surfaces giving it a pearl lustre finish.
Optique Pearl Red An off-white lustrous powder that is composed of Mica, Titanium Dioxide, and Tin Oxide. It is used to create lustrous and opalescent effects in all types of personal care and cosmetics products.
Ecoperse White A pigment dispersed in a speciality ester derived from olive oil. This non-greasy product is absorbed quickly into the skin while delivering uniform color coverage. It can be used in foundations, BB creams, sun and skin care products, eye shadows and many other makeup applications.
Fiesta Frosted Carmine A bright and clean synthetic mica (fluorphlogopite) based pigment that provides high chroma and purity. With an illuminating and youthful patina, it is perfect for today’s high definition makeup.
SynMira Shimmer VRO8987 A synthetic mica (fluorphlogopite) based pearl pigment with a bright and clean violet/red/orange colour flop effect. Its small to medium particle size makes it ideal for eye shadows and other make up applications. This value priced alternative to borosilicate pearl pigments is extremely low in heavy metals.
Diamond Dust White An off-white free-flowing powder that is composed of Aluminum Calcium Sodium Silicate, Titanium Dioxide, and Tin Oxide. Diamond Pigments deliver exceptionally dramatic optical effects, including significant depth, sparkle, and very intense spectral colours.
SynMira Ice ROG925 A unique, colour traveling, synthetic mica (fluorphlogopite) based pearl pigment with a bright and clean red/orange-yellow/green colour flop effect. This pigment delivers high chroma and purity without the use of iron oxides making it easy to combine with other colourants in a variety of formulations.

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Friday, 21 February 2020



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