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Premium Skin Sanitation

We've previously demonstrated how to make a simple hand sanitiser (click here for video demonstration).

As consumers continue to use hand gels in their everyday lives, it is predicted that new product development within sanitation may experience a push towards premiumisation as formulators must think beyond basic sanitation properties. Product characteristics such as added benefits (moisturisation), textures, packaging and fragrance will all come into play (Mintel, 2020).

Innovation Examples


Skin Survival

Sanitisers need to be both functional and eye-catching to stand out in the marketplace. Add a splash of colour, pearlescent pigments or a luxury fragrance to your skin care formulations to make them stand out from the crowd.

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For premium hand sanitiser formulations, Surfachem offers an extensive range of speciality ingredients and fragrances, including;

Givaudan Fragrances

Here’s some of our premium hand sanitiser fragrance pairings, from Givaudan.


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Sources: Mintel 2020

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Tuesday, 21 July 2020



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