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Supplier Spotlight | Evonik

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Evonik manufacturers a comprehensive portfolio of speciality ingredients, including cosmetics actives, conditioning agents, emollients, emulsifiers and surfactants for effective skin, hair and body care products.

As a speciality chemical distributor, Surfachem exclusively supplies an extensive range of speciality chemicals on behalf of Evonik.

Following its acquisition by Evonik, Surfachem is also a supplier for Dr. Straetman’s GmbH complete product portfolio. Their innovative line of personal care products include; antimicrobials, anxtioxidants, chelating agents, deodorants and preservatives.


Core Personal Care Applications

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Catalogue of Products 2020 - Full product catalogue

Active Ingredients Catalogue 2020 - Skin and hair care actives catalogue

Product Protection Catalogue 2020 - Antimicrobials and preservatives

Deodorant Actives - Understanding different demands of deodorant formulations

Emulsifier Selection Guide - Emulsifier selection made easy

Natural Formulators Guide - Skin Care - The essentials of natural formulations

Natural Formulators Guide - Hair Care - The natural hair care routine *NEW

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New Ingredients

Key Technologies

Function Key Brands
Active Ingredients CERAMIDE, Hairflux®, HyaCare®, ROVISOME™, TEGO® PEP, Bodyflux® Olive
Antimicrobial Skin Actives & Deodorants dermosoft® decalact, TEGO® Cosmo P 813 MB, TEGODEO®
Antioxidants & Chelators dermofeel® Toco, dermofeel® PA
Conditioning Agents ABIL®, VARISOFT®
Consistency Enhancers TEGIN®, TEGO® Alkanol
Emollients ABIL®, ISOLAN, TEGO® Care, dermofeel®, PROTEGIN®
Emulsifiers ABIL®, ISOLAN, TEGO® Care
Filmformers / Sensory Additives TEGO® SP, TEGO® Feel C 10
Glycolipids RHEANCE® One
Multifunctional Antimicrobials dermosoft®
Oil Thickeners dermofeel® viscolid
Pearlisers/Opacifiers TEGO® PEARL
Preservatives Verstatil®
Rheology Modifiers ANTIL®, REWOPAL®,TEGO® Remo
Solubilizers RHEANCE One, symbio® solv, TEGO® SMO, TEGO® Solve
Surfactants (Amphoteric, Cationic, Anionic, Nonionic) REWOPOL®, RHEANCE® One, TEGO® Betain, REWOTERIC®, TEGO® Sulfosuccinate DO 75

Monday, 04 May 2020