Evonik Industries

Evonik Care Solutions division offers a comprehensive portfolio of ingredients, including actives, conditioning agents, emollients, emulsifiers and surfactants for effective skin, hair and body care products. Derived from a variety of chemistries, its products offer tailor-made system solutions that provide both appearance enhancement and prevention of ageing. Surfachem has worked in partnership with Evonik in the UK and Ireland since 2008. Since 2020, Surfachem has also represented Evonik Dr. Straetman’s GmbH, offering their complete portfolio of innovative personal care ingredients – including antimicrobials, anxtioxidants, chelating agents, deodorants and preservatives.

Product Functions

  • Anti-Oxidant
  • AP / Deo
  • Chelating Agents and Sequestrant
  • Conditioning Agent
  • Emollient
  • Emulsifier
  • Film Formers & Fixative
  • Fragrance
  • Haircare Active
  • Humectant
  • Natural Oils & Derivative
  • Pearlisers/Opacifier
  • Pharmaceutical Excipient
  • Preservatives & Antimicrobials
  • Rheology Modifier
  • Sensory Additive
  • Skincare Active
  • Solubilizer
  • Surfactants-Amphoteric
  • Surfactants-Anionic
  • Surfactants-Cationic
  • Surfactants-Nonionic
  • Texture Modifier

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