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Sandream Specialties Colour Trends | Spring-Summer 2022

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Standout launches are on the horizon, with the aim of minimising the notable disruption to cosmetics amid COVID-19.

As a result of the pandemic, brands have been focusing on:

Digital-friendly colours will lead innovation - as consumers continue to increase their digital presence, colours that translate well online have become of paramount importance. Brands can cater to this audience by dematerialising makeup looks and developing colours that are elevated when worn on-screen.

With the above in mind, Cosmetics brands are increasingly;

Colour Trends

Colours and aesthetics play a key role in influencing our mood and mindsets. The direction of colour has been heavily influenced by the events of the last year. Throughout this time, we have learnt, adapted, and become less afraid of individuality as we’ve all dealt with the pandemic in our own unique way.


The below Spring/Summer 2022 trends encompass bold hues and unique perspectives, all of which resonate in the world of make-up, art, photography, and even science and technology.

Blushing Vitality

Awaken our senses - ignite some energy into our appearance - give your skin that glow it deserves.

Next summer, it’s all about sun-kissed tones, glowing skin and vibrant lips, topped with luxurious sheer glosses. From coral pink, to rosy nudes, this trend fuses energy into our appearance. Fun, luminous and vibrant!


Key Colours


Euphoric Landscapes

In this trend, the beautiful spectrum of colours found on land and in bodies of water bring elements of Earth to life on our eye lids. “The eyes are the window to the soul”  evokes a deeper meaning with so much expression of personality and individualism emitting from our eyes. Eye makeup is utilised to draw focus to the area and convey a variety of looks and moods.


Key Colours


Retro Coated

Similar to the eye category, the nail segment allows for  bold expression and maximalist looks to foster individuality.  This trend reflects happiness, fun  and a little bit of a “throwback” to lighten the mood. Juicy, funky and vibrant colours are combined to add a new dynamic to your Summer nails.


Key Colours


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