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Fermentation Concept Kit

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Fermentation, is a natural factory powerhouse fueled by microbes, that give the ability to produce ingredients with new properties.


The Next Generation of Sustainable & Natural

While natural ingredients bring us closer to nature and its processes, we rely heavily on natural resources that are in decline due to over-consumption. An alternative solution is to use synthesised naturals –natural ingredients that can be grown and cultivated in a lab, such as micro algae, fermented yeasts and bacteria – which offer a more sustainable alternative to synthetic and farmed ingredients. (Stylus, 2021).

No land is compromised for making crops for ingredients to be extracted, no fresh water is needed to aid the process and microbes can be used over and over again.

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Fermentation Product Concept


Core Ingredients:

Ingredient Supplier Origin Function
AlgaPur™ High Stability High Oleic (HSHO) Algae Oil Lubrizol microalgae originally sourced from the sap of a chestnut tree Natural oil, emollient, skincare active
Kelco-Care™ diutan gum Lubrizol Microbial fermentation Rheology modifier
ERYLITE F8030 FINE Jungbunzlauer Microbial fermentation of a carbohydrate substrate Emollient, humectant
Arbalon™ R-50 cellulose liquid Lubrizol Eco-friendly cellulose liquid derived from microbial fermentation Rheology modifier
HyaCare® 50 Evonik Fermentation-derived hyaluronic acid Skincare active, emollient
LACTIC ACID 80% Jungbunzlauer Fermentation of natural carbohydrates pH adjuster

Monday, 16 August 2021