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2M Group of Companies - 'Bring Your Kids to Work' Day

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Last week, the 2M Group of Companies, Surfachem’s parent company, hosted its first ever ‘Bring Your Kids to Work’ day.

33 children (aged between 5 and 15) attended the day at the 2M House in Runcorn - and it wasn’t just the children that rolled up their sleeves and got involved! There were over 15 staff members running the show; 8 of them were STEM Ambassadors from Banner Chemicals, specially trained by the Surfachem lab team.


The children engaged in a range of activities. These included making hair gels and shampoos from Surfachem’s personal care ingredients, and learning about what molecules really look like…

The day was a huge success enjoyed by both the team and their little ones, with a few wannabe scientists leaving the 2M House at the end of the day!


Thanks to the wonderful team for making it possible.

Monday, 24 February 2020



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