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UBUNTU Marula Virgin Oil | Aldivia

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What is UBUNTU Marula Virgin Oil?

UBUNTU Marula, from Aldivia, is an African oil that is transforming formulations within the Personal Care and Cosmetics industry. Not only is it highly regarded for its health and healing properties, but it also benefits local African communities by serving as a nutritious and sustainable food source.


UBUNTU | PhytoTrade Africa

Aldivia's UBUNTU range has been developed in partnership with PhytoTrade Africa.

Formed in 2001, PhytoTrade Africa is a regional trade association with a core purpose of supporting rural African communities through the commercialisation of natural and sustainable sources. The Marula tree is indigenous to South Africa.

Key Application Areas

UBUNTU Marula can be used in a wide variety of Personal Care and Cosmetics applications.

These include;


About Aldivia

Aldivia is a leader in lipophilic innovation, specialising in ethical sourcing, natural cosmetics and green chemistry. On behalf of Aldivia, Surfachem distributes a range of speciality chemical ingredients to suit your next formulation line.

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Friday, 17 January 2020