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European Commission approved ADBAC (C12-16) and DDAC

At the end of June, the European Commission has officially approved alkyl (C12-16) dimethylbenzyl ammonium chloride (ADBAC) and didecyldimethyl ammonium chloride (DDAC) for their uses as active substances in disinfectants falling in the scope of the Product-types 3 (PT3) and 4 (PT4). The Commission Implementing Regulation has set the date of approval for November 1, 2022 and the expiry date of approval for October 31, 2032.

What this means for you

Supporting your formulations for BPR?

We can help you remain active in the market while ensuring compliance with this new regulation. As a result of the above, we have developed two cleaning disinfectant formulations intended to be supported by BPR.

Chemical Name Tradename (single active)
ADBAC (C12-C16) BTC® 50E
ADBAC (C12-C16) BTC® 80E
ADBAC (C12-C16) BTC® 8358F

*The above was prepared by Stepan company and is re-produced with their permission

Monday, 06 September 2021