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Catalyst | User Guide & Frequently Asked Questions

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User Guide

With many of us working from home, and an increased reliance on digital tools, Surfachem are proud to share ‘Catalyst’, our self-service platform. As a guide, we’ve put together a ‘user guide’ video and collated some of the most frequently asked questions to help support you in registering and making the most of your account.

“What is Catalyst?”

Catalyst is a self-service platform from Surfachem, that gives registered users access to a range of information, all of which is readily available at the click of a button.

What benefits are there to using Catalyst?

Catalyst is an accessible and simple platform, making it easier for our customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. It allows users to be self-sufficient and access relevant information, anytime; anywhere.

“How do I register for a Catalyst account?”

To register, please fill in your personal details here and click submit.

“What happens once I’ve submitted a registration request?”

Once your registration request has been submitted, we will send you an email with a registration link. This will typically take a couple of days. If access is required more urgently, please contact us by phone (+44 (0)113 394 9200).

Why haven't I received a registration email?

Ensure you have checked your main inbox / spam folder. If you still haven’t received a registration email, please contact us or have a chat with your Account manager.

Why doesn't my registration link work?

Our registration links expire 24 hours after email delivery. If your registration link doesn’t work, please contact us and we will issue a new link.

“How do I login?”

To login to your Catalyst account, click here. This can also be accessed at the top right of the screen.

“Can I access Catalyst on both desktop and mobile devices?”

Yes. Our self-service platform works on both desktop and mobile devices.

“How do I reset my password?”

To reset your password, click here. Submit the email address linked to your Catalyst account and you will receive a follow-up email prompting you to reset your new password.

“What features are included within the self-service portal?”

With Catalyst, you can;

“What documentation is available to download?”

“Are the pricing lists live?”

Yes. The ‘Prices’ tab on your account dashboard displays live pricing for products previously ordered and/or quoted.

Please note: Surfachem reserves the right to increase/decrease prices, however this will be discussed prior to an order being processed.

“How do I order a sample?”

Login to your Catalyst account and then use the search bar to find an ingredient. Once you have found the ingredient, click ‘See product’. Once on the relevant product page, scroll down until you reach the ‘Order sample’ section. Here, you can select the size/quantity desired, and ‘Add to basket’.

“How do I view the ingredients I’ve added to my basket?”

Once ingredients have been added to your basket, a red circle will appear next to it, indicating that you have added samples. To view these items, simply click the basket on the top right of the screen.

Can I track the status of my sample?

Yes. You can track your sample order number, details, despatch date and status through Catalyst. Once logged in and on your ‘Account dashboard’, navigate to the ‘Sample orders’ tab.

Please note: we are currently unable to display live tracking information.

Can I track the status of my order?

Yes. You can track your order number, details, despatch date and status through Catalyst. Once logged in and on your ‘Account dashboard’, navigate to the ‘Orders’ tab.

“What do current users have to say about the platform?”

To read what current users think of Catalyst, click here.

Monday, 26 October 2020



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