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What are Colour Cosmetics?

Colour cosmetics are the colourants and ingredients used across many of our day-to-day personal care products - make-up, skin care, personal hygiene, hair care, fragrance and oral care applications.

The colour cosmetics market can be broken down into four key areas:


· Face: foundation, blushers, highlighters, bronzers, creams and powders, loose and pressed powders and mineral powders

· Eyes: eye shadows, eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, mascara and mineral powders

· Lips: lipsticks, glosses, liner pencils, plumpers, pots and palettes

· Nails: nail varnishes and polishes, hardeners and strengthens, bases and topcoats.

On a Global Scale…

Globally, the colour cosmetics industry is growing…

According to Mintel (2019), here’s some of the top markets for colour cosmetics based on retail market value…


Global Colour Cosmetics Trends

· 41% of US females are interested in multi-purpose colour cosmetics products

· 66% of UK females (16-24) want more information about which cosmetics products are environmentally friendly

· 41% of Chinese colour cosmetics users are influenced by celebrity beauty bloggers and vloggers to buy products

From these trends, as consumers continue to demand more from their personal care products, colour cosmetics formulators are responding by adopting a hybridisation strategy; multi-benefit ingredients. Such ingredients encompass not only the aesthetic benefits of enhancing the face, but also provide genuine benefits to the areas in which they are applied (e.g. anti-aging and UV protection) and have a positive impact on the environment.

About the UK Colour Cosmetics Market…

The UK colour cosmetics market has been growing, year-on-year, since 2012.


Currently, the colour cosmetics industry in the UK is valued at £2.1 billion and further growth is expected – up to an estimated value of £2.31 billion in 2023.

Pigments for Colour Cosmetics Products


Here’s a selection of ‘Sandream Impact’s’ innovative pigments…

“A pigment is a material that changes the colour of reflected or transmitted light as the result of wavelength-selective absorption”.

How we can help

In partnership with Sandream Impact, Surfachem distribute a range of vibrant colour cosmetic ingredients. From emulsifiers and emollients, to active ingredients, we’ve got all the speciality ingredients for your future colour cosmetics products.

Want to know more about more about our innovative colour cosmetics speciality ingredients? Get in touch with us by email or on our social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

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Wednesday, 18 September 2019