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The Beauty of Colour Cosmetics

Historically, there has been a perception that consumers use colour cosmetics products to conceal individual perceived imperfections. However, using make-up as a way of experimentation and a way to express our true selves is on the rise.

During lockdown, consumers have had time to reflect; our beauty routines are just one aspect of our lives that has changed. Prior to the pandemic, consumers may have unknowingly lived a fast-paced life, which didn’t create opportunity for creativity. Now, as we enter a ‘post-pandemic’ period, we’ve witnessed an uptake in experimentation and the ‘maximalist - more is more’ make-up look (Glamour).


‘Post-pandemic’ Period

As restrictions continue to ease, consumers will be managing multiple emotional states. Colours will be chosen to reflect this as people continue to find their feet in a new world. Saturated hues may have the power to connect consumers to feelings of intense optimism and hope, but also stability and balance (Cosmetic Design Europe).

History - Is it Repeating Itself?

Following a decrease in colour cosmetic sales throughout the pandemic, experts have predicted a bounce-back ‘fiesta’ for beauty products.


Branded as the new ‘Roaring 20’s era’, it is expected that as consumers socialise and travel again, putting on make-up will be a symbol of returning to life.

“History has taught us that after the last pandemic, people were keen to be out together, partying, celebrating. It was a brilliant time for fashion and beauty, and we’ve seen this after economic crises, downturns and difficult periods in history. After an unprecedented period of upheaval and change – and indeed turmoil – consumers will want to party, to escape into fantasy and look their best” (WSGN).

Formulation Breakdown

We’ve created a range of unique formulations to enable consumers to experiment, be bold and harness their inner beauty.


Monday, 15 November 2021