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Throughout the years, we have seen the definition of beauty undergo a significant overhaul, with a firm focus placed on broadening audience demographics and inclusivity to replace traditional beauty standards: “With consumers everywhere increasingly casting a critical eye on traditional beauty norms, the past few years have witnessed a sharp rise in gender-neutral skincare” - Vogue

Our Equality pillar centers on the benefit of the consumer, regardless of their race, gender or age.

At Surfachem, we strive to ensure there is no stigma tied to the products we formulate and that the promotion of each idea is managed with an inclusive approach. ‘Tabooed’ biological functions that have been previously overlooked, are acknowledged and catered for to promote equality in the personal care industry.

Key Features


Formulation Example – ‘Menopause Spritz’

Our spritz formulation combines a range of ingredients that caters to all types of skin, accounting for people experiencing symptoms of menopausal skin, and is safe to leave on for long periods of time to allow the skin to fully absorb the product’s properties.

Ingredient Focus

Monday, 14 November 2022