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Evolving Protection in the Beauty Industry

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What does the ‘new normal’ of skin protection look like within the Personal Care industry? From protecting the skin against UV damage, to treating ‘maskne’ caused by prolonged use of COVID-19 masks, there are various considerations for skin care formulators.

Protect | Technology-impacted skin


Teams and Zoom meetings have become our norm, and this way of communicating is expected to stay beyond the pandemic. However, the negative consequence of this is increased levels of skin inflammation. It is especially important to protect technology-impacted skin.

Protect | Be Conscious

The pandemic has fueled our obsession with hand and skin hygiene. It is extremely important to shield our skin from external aggressors, including viruses, UV, pollution and more! More often, we are seeing skin care products with protective ingredients within them such as foundations and concealers with SPF, and facial cleansers with antioxidants to protect from pollution!

In addition to the desire for added protection, consumers are wanting to do so in a conscious way. It is important for brands to place even greater emphasis on eco-ethical raw ingredients, production methods and packaging.

Protect | Bespoke skincare


Diversity is more than our hair type and our skin colour - it also includes how we identify, our lifestyle, socioeconomic factors etc. In recent years, we have witnessed brands creating inclusive products that are gender fluid and that are designed for specific hair and skin types.

“Consumers increasingly view gender as fluid and the beauty industry is reflecting this shift in mindset with products that present a neutral aesthetic,” says Jessica Smith, Foresight Editor at the Future Laboratory. “


Key Ingredients

Surfachem offers a broad portfolio of speciality chemical ingredients for enhanced skin protection. From blue light protection, to free radical scavengers, find out more below.

Key Ingredient Functions and Benefits Supplier
TEGO® Pep UP Blue light protection, wrinkle reduction, boosting of collagen, elastin, fibronectin, strong anti-aging properties Evonik
ROVISOME® ACE NG Protects against free radicals and provides superior DNA protection Evonik
ROVISOME™ C NG Free radical scavenger, increases the skin's intrinsic anti-oxidative potential Evonik
SK-influx® V MB Improves skin barrier Evonik
Skinolance® Improves skin barrier, restores the natural balance of the skin microbiota. Evonik
Bodyflux® Olive Improves skin barrier, enhances epidermal moisturisation Evonik
Phytosphingosine SLC Protects photo aged skin Evonik
TEGO Sterol 7 DHC V Vitamin D precursor, protects from UV damage Evonik
TEGO® Turmerone ORG Antioxidant Evonik

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Monday, 06 December 2021