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Supplier Spotlight | Evonik

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Evonik manufacturers a comprehensive portfolio of speciality ingredients, including cosmetics actives, conditioning agents, emollients, emulsifiers and surfactants for effective skin, hair and body care products.

As a speciality chemical distributor, Surfachem exclusively supplies an extensive range of speciality chemicals on behalf of Evonik.

Following its acquisition by Evonik, Surfachem is also a supplier for Dr. Straetman’s GmbH complete product portfolio. Their innovative line of personal care products include; antimicrobials, anxtioxidants, chelating agents, deodorants and preservatives.


Core Personal Care Applications

Commitment to Sustainability

Evonik are proud to be a founding member of the ‘Together for Sustainability’ inititiative which aims to increase transparency and sustainability in global supply chains. In addition, they were also awarded ECOVADIS Platinum in 2021 for their commitment towards a more sustainable supply chain.

Dialog across the value chain is key for the responsible production of personal care products. Sustainability is not only important to Evonik’s Personal Care business, but for the whole Evonik group as a specialty chemicals company. In partnership, Surfachem and Evonik are working towards more sustainable products, people and planet.

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Evonik Product Concepts

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Active Ingredients Catalogue 2020 - Skin and hair care actives catalogue

Product Protection Catalogue 2020 - Antimicrobials and preservatives

Deodorant Actives - Understanding different demands of deodorant formulations

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Key Technologies

Function Key Brands
Active Ingredients CERAMIDE, Hairflux®, HyaCare®, ROVISOME™, TEGO® PEP, Bodyflux® Olive
Antimicrobial Skin Actives & Deodorants dermosoft® decalact, TEGO® Cosmo P 813 MB, TEGODEO®
Antioxidants & Chelators dermofeel® Toco, dermofeel® PA
Conditioning Agents ABIL®, VARISOFT®
Consistency Enhancers TEGIN®, TEGO® Alkanol
Emollients ABIL®, ISOLAN, TEGO® Care, dermofeel®, PROTEGIN®
Emulsifiers ABIL®, ISOLAN, TEGO® Care
Filmformers / Sensory Additives TEGO® SP, TEGO® Feel C 10
Glycolipids RHEANCE® One
Multifunctional Antimicrobials dermosoft®
Oil Thickeners dermofeel® viscolid
Pearlisers/Opacifiers TEGO® PEARL
Preservatives Verstatil®
Rheology Modifiers ANTIL®, REWOPAL®,TEGO® Remo
Solubilizers RHEANCE One, symbio® solv, TEGO® SMO, TEGO® Solve
Surfactants (Amphoteric, Cationic, Anionic, Nonionic) REWOPOL®, RHEANCE® One, TEGO® Betain, REWOTERIC®, TEGO® Sulfosuccinate DO 75

Monday, 29 November 2021