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Feelings Forward

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Behind the Trend

Life during a global pandemic has affected the emotional wellbeing of consumers across the world. As a society, we are much more in touch with our moods and emotions than ever before. With mental wellness being a top priority, we are becoming more connected to products, services and experiences that are inspired and designed around how they make us feel.

Tapping into this self-care revolution, Surfachem has developed - ‘Feelings Forward’. This brand-new concept has been influenced by ‘emotional design’, a principal which targets three cognitive consumer levels—visceral, behavioural and reflective.

‘Feelings Forward’ | Product Concept


Formulated with scientifically validated ingredients to evoke a desired mood, ‘Feelings Forward’ takes consumers on an invigorating journey through their daily skin care routine. The aim of this concept is to encourage customers to become more connected to the products they are applying to their skin, from sunrise to sunset.

From uplifting and energising morning formulations, to relaxing night-time products designed to help you drift off into a deep sleep, our latest concept explores the ground-breaking technology of MoodScentz® and DreamScentz™ from Givaudan.



Formulation Breakdown

Monday, 15 November 2021