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Music festivals | Express your sound

The popularity of music festivals is on the rise.

Did you know?… 26% of UK adults have attended music festivals this year, up from 22% in 2018 (Mintel). What’s more, attendees are spread across all generations, showing that no matter what age, we all love to express our sound.


BUT… it’s not just about the music! Festival goers are increasingly focusing on their personal care, searching for products that are both convenient and that provide the cleanliness levels they are used to.


‘Fresh as a daisy’ | Formulations

Due to this identified trend, we’ve developed a range of formulations, carefully created to leave consumers feeling fresh as a daisy, whatever festival they attend! Gone are the days where festival goers have to ‘rough it’ for days on end…


Key Ingredients

Product INCI Producer Overview
Avalure™ FLEX-6 Polyurethane-62; Trideceth-6 Lubrizol Avalure™ FLEX-6 Polymer is a water dispersible polymer that acts as a multifunctional ingredient. It functions as an emulsifier, pigment dispersant, film former and co-thickener. It also provides value-added benefits such as high compatability with metal oxides and excellent water resistance
Carbopol® Clear Carbomer Lubrizol Carbopol® Clear polymer is a versatile, unique polymer created to provide exclusive wet styling textures The ability to build high viscosity at lower polymer solids, extraordinary clarity and extremely fast dispersion times makes it exclusive for wet styling applications. It shows good compatibility and synergy with Fixate™ Polymers
CITROFOL® AI EXTRA TRIETHYL CITRATE Jungbunzlauer CITROFOL® AI EXTRA is well accepted as an active ingredient in deodorants; it inhibits the enzymatic decomposition of sweat components
Coconut Oil Virgin Organic Cocos Nucifera Oil Aldivia Coconut Oil Virgin Organic is very rich in saturated fatty acids with short chains, mainly lauric acid. Coconut oil, solid at room temperature, melts on the skin, penetrates very easily and leaves a soft fragrance. It moisturises the skin, making it silky without leaving any greasy film
Fixate™ Superhold Polyacrylate-2 Crosspolymer Lubrizol Fixate™ Superhold polymer provides stiff hold and superior humidity resistance. This innovative polymer enables the creation of novel, cost-effective, low-to-high viscosity styling products with high clarity, excellent shine on hair, strong resistance to flaking and superior texture and aesthetics
STEPAN-MILD® GCC Glyceryl Caprylate / Caprate Stepan STEPAN-MILD® GCC is a 100% bio-based emollient ester. It can boost the foam volume, enhance viscosity, gives conditioning properties and can offer a polymer-free suspending system. Lastly, its melting character and sensory properties can be an asset in skin formulations

If you have an enquiry regarding any of the above speciality chemical ingredients and/or formulations, please get in touch at

Monday, 11 November 2019