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For Everyone

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For Everyone

Here at Surfachem, we’re resetting the stereotypes, embracing diversity and welcoming change. How are we doing this? We’ve done our research and identified a trend - one that’s simply too good to ignore!

Throughout history, gender has been a binary method of characterisation, with people identifying as either men or women. In today’s society, the question of ‘do we need to assign ourselves to a gender?’ has arisen, led by Generation Z (born after ‘96) whereby 55% of the cohort know someone who uses gender neutral pronouns - they, them, ze… etc!

Gender neutral can be defined as being suitable/applicable to both genders (English Oxford Dictionary 2019), and we’ve expanded on this trend more with our very own personal care formulation - For Everyone.

For Everyone is our inclusive product formulation concept that features no labels relating to age, gender, and socio-demographics. We believe that, as a brand, adopting a gender neutral formulation demonstrates acceptance, unity and equality. This has certainly been the case for established brands such as Maybelline and Fluide.

Below, we’ve created five different formulations as a response to this trend… and of course, that are suitable For Everyone.

For Everyone Formulations:

Vegetable-based, organic and effective at low concentrations are just some of the benefits of our formulations…

For more information on how our ingredients can help adapt your personal care brand to cater for tomorrow’s gender, don’t hesitate to contact

Alternatively, check out more about For Everyone and some of our other product concepts on our Instagram - @Surfachem.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018