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For Tomorrow

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As discussions surrounding climate change continue on, a University of Bath study conducted in the spring of 2021 has found that significant numbers of young people and adults across the globe have voiced various negative emotions relating to the issue. An important result in these findings is that the respondents have expressed guilt and helplessness as a key factor, leading to a revolution in consumers and the products they invest in.

Surfachem and the wider 2M Group of Companies has committed to developing sustainable and multidisciplinary solutions to the problem.

Key Features


Formulation Example - ‘All Over Cleansing Bar’

Our All Over Cleansing Bar brings forward a waterless and multipurpose model, influenced by the For Tomorrow pillar, assuring a reduction in the consumer’s carbon footprint; the One Bar earns its place within the future of sustainable beauty as a concentrated and longer-lasting product.

As a solid bar, the ‘One Bar’ is waterless, resulting in less emissions through shipping the extra weight of water whilst packaging is minimal, meaning less of the product is going to waste.

Ingredient Spotlight

Monday, 14 November 2022