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Fragrance Innovations 2021 - Wellness

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Work-from-home policies, lockdowns, and social distancing measures have all impacted the way that consumers engage with fragrances. As we continue in a period of uncertainty, there is scope for formulators to adapt to these changes, and truly focus on the emotional and wellbeing lift that fragrances can offer.

Wellness and Mood Enhancing Fragrances


Spa-like, summery, and colourful fragrance innovations can help distract consumers from the woes and stresses they are experiencing in their everyday lives. Fragrance brands can align with these self-care trends and appeal to those who have an interest in wellness and mood enhancing fragrances.

Brand Innovations

In addition to focusing on the uplifting merits of wearing scent, brands can also focus on the consequences of the pandemic. Here, there is a heightened opportunity for fragrance formulators to:

Healthy Home, Happy Soul

One key trend for 2021 has been brought about by the increased time consumers are spending at home during the COVID-19 crisis. Here, there is scope for Personal Care fragrances to diversify and expand into the Home Care Fragrances market (for example: candles, diffusers, incense sticks, air care mists).


Hybrid Household/Personal Care fragrances can help promote individual wellness, whilst also highlighting the wellbeing merits of a scented home. Such concepts can steer specific moods and help consumers to reset and re-centre while at home.


On behalf of Givaudan, Surfachem distributes a range of scientifically validated, patented mood and sleep enhancing fragrances. As part of this, Givaudan provides certificates of compliance for the below, highlighting that a fragrance complies to the technology.


MoodScentz is a technical approach to creating fragrances that enhance our mood and emotions. The range focuses on three moods:


Claims such as ‘helps to create a positive frame of mind’, ‘contains energising mood enhancing elements’ and ‘specifically designed to make you feel calm’ can all be used when incorporating Givaudan’s MoodScentz™ range.


DreamScentz™ is a technical approach to creating fragrances that improve our quality of sleep. This is particularly important for consumers that may feel stressed and anxious during these uncertain times.


Claims such as ‘helps you fall asleep quicker’, ‘enhances sleep quality’ and ‘wake-up feeling more refreshed’ are all supported by scientific testing and can be communicated with consumers when incorporating the DreamScentz™ range.

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