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H3i - Concentrate!

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H3i UK focuses on the raw materials, ingredients and formulation services used in creating innovative household, industrial and institutional cleaning products.


As part of this year's H3i presentation series, Surfachem explored the potential of concentrated products, and how we can simultaneously maintain optimum performance within household formulations.

If you missed it…

If you would like to watch ‘Concentrate!’ on demand, please click here. (re-directs to H3i website).

Key Ingredients

Ingredient Features Supplier
Augeo® Crystal Vegetable glycerine feedstock. Vegan friendly Solvay
Augeo Clean™ Multi Sustainable replacement for Glycols/Glycol Ethers. Glycerine feedstock by-product from bio-fuel production. Excellent coupling effect with no detrimental effect on foaming at high concentrations Solvay
Augeo Clean™ PLUS Replacement for D;Limonene. Excellent grease and oil removal. Synergistic effect when combined with Multi Solvay
Ecoremover® EcoRemover® Technology is a proven environmentally safe fluid designed to replace and reduce solvent and classified chemical usage in a wide range of applications. It effectively enhances the performance of cleaning products. Eurosicura
Givaudan Household Fragrances 100% Natural Origin Fragrances, no declarable allergens or low allergen, highly biodegradable, Ecocert certified and vegan Givaudan
Lactic Acid 80% Jungbunzlauer L(+)-lactic acid is a colourless to yellowish, nearly odourless, syrupy liquid that is commercially available as aqueous solutions of various concentrations. Jungbunzlauer
Noverite™ 310 Noverite™ 310 polymer is an aqueous, cationic, hydrophilic polymer that provides hydrophilic surface modification for hard surfaces. The resulting surfaces inhibit hard water spotting and soap scum deposition, making it easier and less time-consuming to clean the surface. Lubrizol
STEPOSOL® MET 10U Green, low HLB surfactant solution to solvent replacement. Benefits include: 97% active minimum, powerful solvent properties, low CLP classification and wide pH application range Stepan
SIMULSOL™ SL826 E SIMULSOLTM SL 826 is a non-ionic and non-ethoxylated surfactant prepared from glucose and C8 - C16 fatty alcohols. SIMULSOLTM SL 826 is a solubilizing alkylpolygluglucoside with outstanding detergent properties. Seppic

For more information on any of the above ingredients for household formulations, please contact us or send us an email at

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Friday, 16 October 2020



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