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European Surface Care Innovations

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Household cleaners are products that are used to clean soft or hard surfaces in the home. With an extensive amount of cleaners on the market, we’ve rounded up the latest trends and opportunities for brands and formulators within this area.

Market Trends

Sustainable solutions - Consumers seek to minimise the eco footprint of their cleaning regimes. With packaging and plastic under general scrutiny, ‘green’ and ‘natural’ household cleaners are rising to the forefront over ‘harsher’ chemical cleaners.


COVID-19 - The pandemic has impacted consumers who are looking for ways to protect themselves and their homes. There has been a significant surge in antibacterial hard surface care launches, with formulators increasing the inclusion of natural ingredients to mitigate consumer concern.

Refills - Refillable hard surface care continues to thrive, with brands increasingly offering consumer-friendly options to encourage uptake. Meanwhile, brands are turning to botanical and organic ingredients to tap into the growing interest in natural cleaning products.


Brand Opportunities



Surface Cleaners - Fragrances

On behalf of Givuadan, Surfachem distributes an extensive portfolio of ECOCERT and biodegradable fragrances for surface cleaners. From fruity aromas, to energetic fragrances, Givaudan’s fragrances offer a whole new dimension to home care formulations.

Our natural fragrance picks…


In addition to the above, surface care cleaners have more recently incorporated ‘pink fragrances’, inspired by cleanfluencers on Instagram, such as Mrs. Hinch and Lyndsey Queen of Clean!

Our ‘Pink Fragrance’ picks…

Have You Tried?

Product Application Area Description Supplier
Augeo Clean™ MULTI Air Care, Air Fresheners, Dish Care, Hard Surface Cleaning Bio-based solvent derived from a renewable source Solvay
Augeo Clean™ PLUS Surface Care, Hard Surface Cleaning, Degreasing. Degreasing. Sustainable solvent replacement for eco-friendly household cleaning Solvay
Augeo® Crystal Air Care, Air Fresheners, Dish Care, Hard Surface Cleaning High-performance, vegan, sustainable solvent replacement Solvay
Ecoremover® Surface Care, Hard Surface Cleaning, Stain removal Naturally derived and mild solvent replacement Eurosicura
Lactic Acid 80% Biocidal Heat Stable Antibacterial Surface Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaner. Lactic acid is an organic acid occurring naturally in the human body and in fermented foods. The following ingredient is COSMOS approved, Kosher and vegan. Jungbunzlauer
Noverite™ 100 Floor cleaners/polishes Furniture polishes/sprays Kitchen and bathroom cleaners Multi-purpose cleaners A novel, proprietary technology that adds shine and protection in household product Lubrizol
Noverite™ 310 Bathroom Cleaners & Descaling, Surface Modifier. Aqueous, cationic, hydrophilic polymer that provides hydrophilic surface modification for hard surfaces Lubrizol
Noverite™ 311 Surface Care, Reduced Fogging & Water Spotting, Foam Stabilisation A high performance, multi-functional polymer for improving the performance of liquid detergents Lubrizol
BTC® 50 E MB Antibacterial surface cleaners A quaternary for formulation into a wide variety of household, institutional and industrial cleaning applications Stepan
SIMULSOL™ APG's Hard Surface Cleaning, Multi-purpose cleaners, Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaners Hydrophilic non-ionic surfactants used as solubilising or emulsifying agents Seppic

(Sources: Mintel Innovation Report)

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Thursday, 03 June 2021