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Intelligent Distribution | Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

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Making the difference in a generic world

Surfachem is market-intelligence led supplier of pharmaceutical active ingredients (API). Using, our extensive technical knowledge and market expertise, we support our customers’ development.

This allows us to provide a competitive advantage by identifying product trends and analysing market dynamics. In partnership, Surfachem offers an adaptable service to suit our customers’ individual business needs.

We offer not just API Distribution… but Intelligent Distribution.


Intelligent Distribution

Intelligent distribution unifies the distributor and customer… and brings the API producer with them. Through this, we offer:

Traditional Distribution

We strive to make the difference, supporting you beyond supply, we provide:

Our API portfolio highlights include:

Adapalene, Apixaban, Baclofen, Benzoyl Peroxide, Gliclazide, Ketoprofen, Levothyroxine, Mesalazine, Rivaroxaban, Torasemide, Vildagliptin.

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Surfachem are sourcing experts with extensive contacts in the API manufacturing sector. To discuss your requirements, contact us at

Wednesday, 03 June 2020