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ISOLAN® 17 MB is a fully vegetable based , W/O all-rounder emulsifier, from Evonik. It provides a broad range of textures and sensory characteristics making it suitable for a wide range of applications


Key Benefits

Trends supporting ISOLAN® 17 MB

Sensory and Textures

Inclusion of ISOLAN® 17 MB allows formulators to experiment with new innovative textures, with pleasurable and surprising sensory effects.



ISOLAN® 17 MB also provides exceptional stabilisation performance and a variety of application possibilities. Within Personal Care, it is suitable for all types of viscosities from low-viscous systems like lotions and sprays up to high viscous systems such as body butters.

Application Areas

Natural and Sustainable

Over the last year, we’ve seen consumers shift towards cosmetic products and brands that have a strong alignment to health and wellness, signifying that natural claims are expected to stay prominent within the market. Beyond the term ‘natural’, consumers are more educated and therefore want to know more about ingredient safety, where ingredients are sourced, etc.


ISOLAN® 17 MB, from Evonik, is fully based on renewable feedstocks. It also enables lower energy input, reduced processing time, and low usage concentration.

Registrations and Certifications

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Monday, 14 June 2021