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The Power of Laundry Fragrances

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Fabric and Laundry Care

The UK Fabric Care market is currently worth over £1.5 billion (Mintel Market Sizes, 2020)


Greener lifestyles, concerns regarding the health impact of laundry formulations and growing presence of skin sensitivity and allergies are all having an impact on consumer purchasing decisions when it comes to products within this sector (Mintel).

Laundry Product Claims

Last year, there was great focus on ethical laundry products, with many consumers leaning towards eco-concious household brands.


How can we respond to the heightened importance of natural household products and prevalence of allergies? Fragrances have a huge part to play.

ECOCERT Fragrances

ECOCERT - ECOCERT is the world's leading specialist in the certification of natural and sustainable practices. As one of the largest natural certification organisations in the world, consumers recognise and trust the certification and the logo on products.

The Essentials

Popular Fragrances


Givaudan - Fragrance Benefits

On behalf of Givaudan,, Surfachem offers an extensive range of ECOCERT fragrances. Carrying the ECOCERT certification means that the fragrances are 100% naturally-derived. Whether your final product bears the ECOCERT logo or not, using ECOCERT fragrances gives your brand the confidence to promote these fragrances as naturally derived and containing essential oils. These fragrances are also Vegan, and have a high degree of biodegradability, other eco-friendly stances to really ensure the product is trusted.

In addition to the above, the below fragrances are also low allergen and great for skin sensitivities - a rarity not usually possible when using natural essential oils. Givaudan perfumers have excelled in their creativity when creating these fragrances, ensuring that they have taken all the regulations into perspective to make these the ultimate 'eco-friendly' fragrances. Kind to the earth, and kind to the skin.

Fragrance Application Recommended Dosage
Apple and Aloe Fabric Conditioner 1%
Apple and Aloe Liquid/Powder Detergent 0.50%
Cotton Flower Liquid/Powder Detergent 0.50%
Green Detox Liquid/Powder Detergent 0.50%
Horizon Blue Liquid/Powder Detergent 0.50%
Ocean Fresh Fabric Conditioner 0.90%
Soft Care Fabric Conditioner 1%
White Velvet Fabric Conditioner 1%

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Monday, 19 October 2020