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MY Menopause

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The Menopause is a significant time for women. Yet only recently has it started to be talked about openly in society and personal care products created to support women going through peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause.

What is Menopause?

Menopause is when the ovaries naturally stop functioning. When this happens, the level of female sex hormones that are released in the body, notably the oestrogens, reduce which has an effect on the whole body. Oestrogen helps build collagen in the skin and helps women feel energetic. Therefore, when oestrogen falls, the skin loses elasticity rapidly, becomes dry, inflamed and the individual feels tired and emotional. Peri-menopause is the phase when the oestrogen levels are erratic due to the ovaries shutting down and this phase it the most turbulent, here women loose 30% of the collagen in their skin and can last for 5 years! - AAD Association


How can Personal Care Help?

Personal care products can help support women going through the peri-menopause stage and beyond. Product formats and ingredients that can soothe hot flushes, mood swings and out of control feelings with skin becoming dry, saggy and irritated. Calming smells, textures and cooling effects can really help. - NHS

In addition, having a skin care routine with actives specifically targeting collagen regeneration for firming the skin, increasing skin hydration and supporting the skin microbiome are essential for women’s skin going through the menopause.


Our product concept MY Menopause – Mine and Yours (because everyone is individual) contains a gentle cleanser, fragrance free face cream with optional additional boosters – peptide concentrate and a nourishing night oil, SOS spritz, hair repair remedy and pulse point oils.

Skincare Support Kit
MY ONE Cleanser A hydrating glycerin based formulation to help keep skin soft.
MY ONE Moisturiser A luxurious cream that reduces deep wrinkles and creates smoother skin.
Peptide Pick Me Up Booster A luxurious blend that works to give the skin a much needed boost.
MY Night Time Nourishment Booster An essential rich blend that provides a preventative barrier slowing cell damage.
MY Hair Strength Saviour A hair architect spritz that improves the mechanical and regenerative properties of stressed hair while rebuilding and repairing hair subjected to daily aggressions and age.
Mood Support Kit
SOS Spritz A water based mist to reinforce the skins barrier function while also reducing redness and acting as a powerful firming ingredient
My + Charge A refreshing blend rich in antioxidants to promote skin radiance and evenness of skin tone
My - Charge Lavender and Rice Powder fragrance radiates a soothing blend to effectively calm and relax a tired mind.

Monday, 08 August 2022