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Supplier Spotlight - Givaudan

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About Givaudan

As a world leading flavour and fragrances company, Givaudan create fragrances to enhance consumer senses. On behalf of Givuadan, Surfachem distributes an extensive range of prestige fragrances for a range of application areas. These include:

The Power of Fragrance

Fragrance is the soul of your brand. The right fragrance will align with the product function, to indicate to the consumer that it is performing the way it should. Whether this is a soothing fragrance in a bath soak, a premium fragrance in a high end shampoo, or a clean, fresh fragrance in an antibacterial surface spray, you can let the fragrance relay the brand message to the consumer. More than an ingredient, the fragrance is the ‘soul’ of your brand, and if you get it right, it will instil loyalty from your consumers to your brand like nothing else.


The fragrance within a formulation is a harmonious blend of ingredients that has the power to stimulate powerful emotions, feelings and memories for the consumer.

Our Homes

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, fragrances with a cleansing/hygiene position with longevity and diffusion are more important than ever due to elevated concerns about sanitation. Consumers perceive scent as a cue to reassure therefore, longevity enhancing technologies such as encapsulated fragrances and Givaudan’s Scentaurus® will prove popular.

Encapsulated fragrances

Fragrance encapsulation is an important aspect of many fragrance delivery systems. Primarily in laundry fabric conditioners, there are two parts to the fragrance; the ‘free oil’ fragrance and the ‘encapsulate’ fragrance. The free oil is the scent that the consumer smells from the bottle, on wet laundry, and on dry clothes, but it is the ‘encapsulated fragrance’ which stays on the fabric during the cleaning process, and releases its fragrance over time. When these encapsulates burst with friction, (e.g. when the consumer wears the clothes), they give the clothes a burst of freshness over a prolonged period of time, even if the clothes have been in the wardrobe for many weeks.

Fragrance encapsulation technology is also used in other applications, such as deodorants, shower gels and other personal care products. Again, these encapsulates burst over time with the friction of movement, delivering a fresh burst of fragrance again and again for the consumer, making them feel fresh once again.


72% of global consumers expect fragrance to remain on clean laundry (Givaudan FACETS). To meet consumer desire for long lastingness, Givaudan have launched Scentaurus®, a light cleavable fragrance precursor that is reshaping the way perfumers formulate longer lasting fragrances.

Our Wellbeing & Sleeping Pattern

According to Mintel, the ‘next normal’ of COVID-19 emphasises basic wellness needs (June, 2020). Fragrance is instrumental in creating products that connect with peoples' emotional states to enhance wellbeing.

Our Drive for Sustainability

Fragrance is also a key component in conveying natural and eco concepts, enhancing claims and resonating with customers across the green spectrum. Cosmetics Business recently highlighted that it is becoming increasingly important to communicate the value of natural materials within fragrances (2019). In a time where consumers are more sophisticated than ever, brands must consider ethical values and ingredient transparency to differentiate their fragrance.

On behalf of Givuadan, Surfachem offers 100% natural fragrances to suit your formulation. We offer certified COSMOS fragrances for Personal Care and ECOCERT for Home Care.

We also offer fragrances from upcycled materials, as well as ScentTreck™. Through the use of headspace, ScentTreck™ patented technology allows us to capture the essence of plants flourishing in nature without disturbing them, preserving their precious essence for the future – ‘The Scent of Untouched Nature’.

Fragrance Categories

There are 12 core fragrance categories:


Fragrance Construction

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Wednesday, 01 July 2020