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New Distribution Partnership | Sensient® Industrial Colors

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Surfachem is delighted to announce that it has been appointed as a distributor for Sensient® Industrial Colors.

Surfachem will represent the Sensient industrial portfolio of dyes & pigments across the UK & Ireland.

“Building on a longstanding collaboration with Chemir, Surfachem's Spanish subsidiary, we are excited to extend our partnership with Sensient. This expansion enables us to deliver Sensient's innovative colour expertise to our customers in the UK & Ireland” Greg Barton, Managing Director, Surfachem

“We are delighted to extend our cooperation with the 2M Group of Companies, partnering with Surfachem in UK & Ireland beyond success we have with their Chemir subsidiary in Spain. Robust experience and competence of Surfachem, supported by its strong presence in UK, will guarantee speed and efficiency of service at all levels, which is what we value at Sensient.” Ronan Le Guennic, Sales Director EMEA, Sensient Cosmetics & Industrial

About Sensient® Industrial Colors

Sensient Industrial Colors is a leading, globally recognised manufacturer of colourants for use in HI&I cleaners, coatings and agricultural products. Their commitment to colour innovation and supplying the highest quality products make them the perfect partner for your latest product developments.

Sensient Portfolio & Key Technology Platforms

SensiRinse™ - Non-staining dyes for laundry and homecare

SensiRinsePLUS™ - Non-staining to skin

SensiRinseFS™ - Non-staining dyes for cationic products

SensiForce™ - Concentrated dye solutions

Sensi-Eco – New natural colours for HI&I including SensiEco Green

SensiRobust – New preservative free dye solutions for HI&I

SensiDura – Colour and fragrance protection

SensiSol – Solubiliser for perfume concentrates & essential oils

Plus a wide range of powdered dyes, pigments and lakes to meet specific customer requirements.

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To start using Sensient® products in your formulations, contact your Surfachem representative or click here to contact us.

Thursday, 21 March 2024