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New Supplier | Kazanci Environmental

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Surfachem is thrilled to announce our new distribution partnership with Kazanci Environmental. With over 25 years of experience, Kazanci Environmental is a leader in environmentally friendly solutions for the home care industry through their two business divisions: Microlife Bacterial Products and NeutroAir.

Microlife Bacterial Products

Microlife offers a range of cleaning and maintenance products that are both innovative and eco-friendly, utilizing microorganisms as the active ingredient. These microorganisms penetrate even the tightest spots that traditional detergents can't reach, breaking down impurities for a thorough clean.

Since Microlife's active matter is composed of living microorganisms, the cleaning effect is longer-lasting compared to chemical alternatives. The products continue to work as long as the microorganisms remain alive, providing an extended cleaning effect.


NeutroAir offers a range of odour-neutralizing air fresheners that are a step above conventional options. Unlike traditional air fresheners, NeutroAir products break down odour emissions in the air rather than merely masking them. Additionally, if desired, they can also provide a pleasant fragrance, ensuring both a clean and refreshing environment.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2024