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Perception Of Value

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“The cost of living is increasing at its fastest rate in 40 years, largely as a result of rising food and energy prices.” – BBC

The statistics presented by the BBC off provides a clear correlation on the change in consumer shopping habits and heightened money-saving incentives. Throughout this era, we have seen how consumers make the most of what they have and adopting minimalistic lifestyles by reducing excesses and perceived frivolities.

Surfachem have committed to developing cost-efficient ways to enhance the consumer experience and encourage a little more self-care.

Key Features


Formulation Example – ‘Peptide Pick-Me-Up’

Our Peptide Pick-Me-Up is a supplement to an existing product – a cream, lotion or wash – adding extra value to products that already work well for the consumer. Alternatively, consumers have the option to add Peptide Pick-Me-Up to multiple products to enhance their original properties and customise their regular skincare routine.

Closely linked to our goal of sustainability and innovative science, deducting water from this product helps consumers and suppliers save spends due to less weight during shipping, reducing storage waste in warehouses which allows extra space for extra product.

Ingredient Focus

Monday, 14 November 2022