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Pharmaceutical Flavours and Flavour Modulation

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Pharmaceutical Macro Trends

Key Market Driver

According to Mintel, there is an existential gap in the supplements market for products that take on more engaging and unique formats. Most current product development is focused around tablet or capsule format with no flavouring. Due to this, a key development area is for formulators to include palatable and exciting flavours within pharmaceutical products.


How Do We Increase Consumer Appeal?

Does the product deliver the desired effect? Was it pleasant and easy to use? Formulators must consider the primary desires of Pharmaceutical consumers.

The ultimate aim is for innovations to provide an element of differentiation whilst enhancing appeal to the consumer.


Flavours and Taste Modulation

On behalf of Kerry Flavours, Surfachem distributes a range of sweet flavours, extracts and taste modulators to support optimal taste and nutrition.


TasteSense™ taste modulators preserve and restore aroma, flavour, mouthfeel and texture while masking off-notes. They are sourced from botanical extracts and are a high-performance, cost efficient solution for differentiating the latest pharmaceutical innovations.

Benefits of TasteSense™

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Thursday, 03 December 2020