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SK-INFLUX® Evolve MB, from Evonik, is an evolution of their innovative SK-INFLUX® technology.

Upcoming Webinar

On 29th March (16:00pm (CET) , 9:00 am (CDT)) Veronika Solotoff and Tobias Müller will be introducing Evonik’s SK-INFLUX® Evolve MB on a webcast with Cosmetic & Toiletries.

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Key Product Features


For consumers, SK-INFLUX® Evolve MB strengthens and restores the protective barrier function of the skin. For formulators, it is the ideal choice for products for: moisturising products, aging and anti-wrinkle products, skin repair and skin protection formulations.

Sustainability Highlights





How to Formulate

Recommended usage concentration:

Normal skin: 1-5% Dry skin: 3-5% Aging skin: 3-5% Skin repair/protection: 3-15% (clinically tested with 5%)

Preparation of O/W Emulsions:

SK-INFLUX® Evolve MB should be added during the cooling process at temperatures below 40°C. If necessary, it is also possible to add SK-INFLUX® Evolve MB directly to the water phase prior to the homogenization step.

Preparation of W/O Emulsions:

SK-INFLUX® Evolve MB should be added during the cooling process prior to the second homogenization step. Due to the O/W emulsifier in SK-INFLUX® Evolve MB phase inversion or instabilities of the W/O emulsion can occur. It can be prevented by using a sufficient amount of suitable W/O emulsifiers. → ABIL® EM 90, ISOLAN® GPS, ISOLAN® PDI

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Tuesday, 01 March 2022