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PQ Corporation is the leading, global manufacturer of speciality inorganic performance chemicals and catalysts.

Offering an extensive portfolio of performance chemicals and materials, PQ Corporation's business model focuses on friendlier products for a cleaner and safer world. On behalf of PQ Corporation, Surfachem distributes an extensive portfolio of high performance chemical ingredients, including flagship brand SORBOSIL™, a comprehensive range of Silicas for Personal Care and Cosmetics applications.



With the increasing consumer demand for more environmentally-friendly personal care products, PQ Corporation have the perfect solution.

From exfoliating shower gels to face and body scrubs, in partnership, we offer a range of effective and safe SORBOSIL® Eco-Granules that replace more harmful polyethylene microbeads. SORBOSIL® silicas are used in personal care applications such as toothpastes, as they provide controlled abrasivity and thickening, whilst also offering optimised optical properties, enabling them to be used in all formulations, including clear gels.

PQ silicas are both natural and Ecocert approved, an international network that certifies sustainable raw materials and products.

Product Highlights


Sorbosil® BFG50

Sorbosil® BFG50 acts as a silica-based cleansing agent based on non-pigmented silica granule. Sorbosil® BFG50, from PQ Corporation, provides novel visual and sensory effects within Personal Care and Cosmetics formulations. This speciality ingredient offers a distinct mouthfeel or skin scrub sensation and is suited to clear gel formulations. It is particularly suitable for skin care, hair care, cleansing and oral care applications.

Key benefits:

Sorbosil® AC43

Sorbosil® AC43 delivers optimum cleaning performance for low RDA pastes (70-120 RDA). Through the tight control of the particle size and strength, this ingredient delivers exceptional improvements in cleaning performance at very low levels (0.5-5%), by replacing a small percentage of standard abrasive.

Key benefits:

Formulatory Guidance

FORMULATING WITH SORBOSIL® - The sensory impact can be customised by using different product strengths and sizes. An incorporation level from less than 1% and up to 10% delivers the ideal sensory cue. Coloured particles usually deliver required visual impact at incorporation levels of 1% or less. Dual visual and sensory effects can be achieved either by incorporation of coloured and non-coloured products or by combining products of different strength and particlesize.

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Wednesday, 16 March 2022