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Supplier Spotlight | Solvay

About Solvay

Founded in 1863, Solvay is an advanced materials and speciality chemicals manufacturer, committed to developing chemistry that addresses key societal challenges. Today, Solvay has 24,500 employees, global presence in over 60 countries and 21 customer-driven research and development centres.

Its three core business areas include:

Solvay’s extensive product portfolio offers everyday sustainable solutions for next-generation transportation, resource efficiency, consumer goods, healthcare, and industrial production, to easily accommodate the ever-changing demands of society.

Augeo® Family

On behalf of Solvay, Surfachem distributes Augeo®, an innovative line of solvents developed from renewable source based on sustainability and high performance.

Augeo™Clean MULTI and Augeo® Crystal are greener alternatives in reed diffuser applications, not only due to their composition, but also due to their slower evaporation rate. This means that less cardboard packaging, glass bottles and reeds are wasted. It also means less transportation, which offers an additional cost saving benefit.

Augeo™ Clean MULTI | Evaporation Rate Comparison

The below shows the evaporation rate of Augeo™Clean MULTI within reed diffusers, compared to alternatives. Find out more here.


Augeo® Crystal

Environmental awareness and sustainable practices are more than just trends, but prominent issues that require innovative solutions. Augeo® Crystal, from Solvay, is a speciality chemical ingredient registered by The Vegan Society.

Key benefits

Application Areas:

Have you tried?

Ingredient / Formulation Application Areas Uses
Reed Diffuser Household Reed Diffuser Fill your home with a long-lasting, aromatic fragrance
Augeo Clean™ MULTI Personal Care and Cosmetics As an emollient, this ingredient provides a delicate skin feel when used in hand sanitisers
Caustic free - Oven Cleaner Household Oven Cleaner To degrease, remove dirt and leave your oven sparkling clean

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Friday, 24 April 2020



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