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In these uncertain and unprecedented times, it’s difficult to predict what the future will look like. Despite this uncertainty, Surfachem, and the 2M Group, are supporting our communities by using our expertise to help save lives - #sciencesaveslives.

As a speciality chemical distributor, at Surfachem we have seen a huge spike in demand as a consequence of the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic.

Surfachem’s core markets; Personal Care, Home Care, Institutional Care and Pharmaceuticals have all been heavily impacted. Not only as a knock-on effect of us trying to fight the outbreak, but also as a result of frantic panic buying. Disinfectants and sanitisation products such as hand gels and surface cleansers, have proved essential at this time.

Hand gel

With access to up-stream supply chain, we have taken the initiative to use our in-house expertise to make our own alcohol hand gel. To make this possible, we used our technical laboratory in Huddersfield and MP Storage and Blending, our blending facility in Middlesborough.

Over the last few weeks, despite stress and uncertainty, our team have done an amazing job. Our aim is to manufacture and fill over 20,000 bottles of hand gel for donation.

In producing this gel, we have been able to protect our internal team, and provide invaluable donations to those that need it the most. Here’s a handful of the institutions that we’ve helped so far, recommended by our team across the 2M Group.

So far we have helped…


Development and Production

Prior to the outbreak, we are fortunate to have already developed, and stability tested a simple, but effective alcohol hand gel. However, since then, producing the sheer quantity in such a short time frame has been a complete team effort. All of our teams from across the group have supported this initiative – from ingredient sourcing, to technical compliance and logistic teams.

A huge thank you to all of the Surfachem team for working together to make this possible.

Our donations

A huge thank you from…

Poppleton Pharmacy


How we made our hand gel

With the continued need for on-the-go products that prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, here’s how we made our simple hand gel which includes ingredients from Surfachem, Solvay and Lubrizol.

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Thursday, 26 March 2020



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