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Surf-It Summer 2023: Surfachem’s Magazine for all Summer Trends

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Surf-It Summer 2023 has officially launched! This season's magazine is bursting with valuable insights and cutting-edge information on the newest trends in colour, fragrance, and ingredients for the personal care and cosmetics industry.

Surf-It magazine serves as a platform to empower our clients and partners with the latest industry trends and insights. We are excited to share the Summer 2023 edition with you and invite you to join us in exploring the captivating world of trends, ingredients, colour, and fragrance.

This Season’s edition contains:

·      Formulations and Trends – The newest movements in the personal care industry, including cold water beauty and the rise of Korean skincare routines.

·      Ingredients – Our lab share some of their favourite ingredients, as well as a list of some handy tips and tricks for formulating.

·      Fragrance – Blast-off into out of this world fragrances focussing on astrological and zodiac themes.

·      Colour – Discover the world of Synthetic based mica pigments and their effects in personal care and cosmetics.

So why not join us on this journey of innovation? Contact your Surfachem representative to get your digital copy of the Summer 2023 Surf-It magazine today and start exploring the world of personal care like never before!

If you missed our Spring 2023 edition of Surf-It, click here to get your copy now!

Wednesday, 28 June 2023