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RSPO Certified Palm Oil & Derivatives

What is Palm Oil?

Did you know… 50% of our everyday products contain palm oil? Although some may be quick to judge it, do we really know the full story? From chocolate, to detergents, palm oil is so widespread due to its unique characteristics.

Surfachem | RSPO certified

Following an audit in October 2019, Surfachem, as part of the 2M Group, has successfully achieved RSPO re-certification. Being RSPO certified allows us to advance the production and distribution of sustainable palm oil products.

Mass balance

A Mass Balance supply chain contributes to the production of certified sustainable palm oil.

This includes products that are supplied by Surfachem, whereby sustainable palm oil from certified sources is mixed with ordinary palm oil throughout the supply chain.

Find out more

Here’s some of the RSPO certified ingredients that we supply. To see our extensive portfolio of natural speciality ingredients, click here.

If you have any questions regarding any of the below products, get in touch at

RSPO Certified Ingredient Product Function Application Area Supplier
TEGOSOFT® AC MB Emollient Personal Care & Cosmetics Evonik
Symbio Solv Clear Plus MB Solubilizer Personal Care & Cosmetics | Perfumes Evonik
PERLASTAN® Rheo2Green1 MB Surfactants-Anionic Personal Care & Cosmetics Schill & Seilacher
PERLASTAN® L-30 MB Surfactants-Anionic Personal Care & Cosmetics | Metal Treatment Schill & Seilacher
GLUCAMATE DOE 120 MB Rheology Modifier Personal Care & Cosmetics Lubrizol
STEPANOL® ALS25 B MB Surfactants-Anionic Personal Care & Cosmetics Stepan
SURFAC® MCTG MB Emollient Personal Care & Cosmetics Surfachem
SURFAC® IPM MB Emollient Personal Care & Cosmetics Surfachem
SURFAC DECYL GLUCOSIDE MB Surfactants-Nonionic Personal Care & Cosmetics Surfachem

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