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Up-cycled Fragrances: A Sustainable Solution for Home Care

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Surfachem are proud to launch our new range of ingredients, Up-cycled Fragrances. Made from up-cycled ingredients by our partner Givaudan, these products provide a sustainable solution for the home care industry.


What are Up-cycled Fragrances?

This innovative range of unique fragrances are made from up-cycled ingredients, which are materials that have been diverted from the waste stream and transformed into new products. These ingredients may include food waste, by-products from other industries, and a whole range of sources that would have been otherwise wasted. By utilising these materials, you will able to reduce the environmental impact of fragrance production while also creating unique and innovative scents.

Using Up-cycled Fragrances in Home Care Products 

Up-cycled fragrances can be used in a variety of home care products. If you are wanting to improve the sustainability of your home care brand, then these are the fragrances for you. By replacing regular fragrances with up-cycled fragrances, brands can offer consumers a sustainable and innovative option that aligns with their values.


6 Unique Fragrances for Air Care

Surfachem has developed the concept of up-cycled fragrances by creating a range of 6 sustainable reed diffusers for the air care industry, these are:

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Wednesday, 15 March 2023