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Sustainability [Webinar]

How 2020 is influencing beauty for the future | Volume 2

Where is the industry with sustainability? What do the consumers really think?

Let us take you on a journey that will inspire a new way of thinking and navigate through the Sustainability minefield. Sustainability is not just about the visuals and the packaging, but also about the heart of the product and its ingredients. Take the tour with us; from biodegradable glitters, to a 100% renewable algae extract, cold processable solutions and more! Paired with the UN Sustainability Goals, we will try to make this journey as easy and accessible as we can for you.

Our Journey So Far…

For more information on our sustainability journey, click here.

Sustainability Webinar

Sustainability – How 2020 is influencing beauty for the future Vol 2

Missed Vol 1?

Vol 1 - Our hair signals our identity. This year, the world has changed at an extraordinary rate. We’ve seen emerging trends, styles and tools – all of which have led to a shift in beauty attitudes. To see our Vol 1 webinar, click here.

Tuesday, 07 July 2020



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