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Zed to Alpha - Teen Skincare

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Each generation has it own style and the teenagers of today – Gen Z (1997-2012) and following fast being Gen Alpha (2013-present) – are broadminded, vocal advocates of political movement and demanding of transparency when it comes to their personal care.

Teenage Products for Teenage Life

Teenage years come with mental fragility and products that promote, encourage and support mental wellbeing are a must. The transition from becoming a child to adult is difficult, especially when mixed in with the constant information on social media and the internet.


They are the “self educated” generation with access to unlimited “information” on the internet. Gen Z demand to know all there is about the ingredients that they use in their personal care and cosmetics; being the pioneering generation of transparency. What are, why and how are they to utilse the ingredients in their cleansers, creams and hair care? Products must adapt to their lifestyle, be gender neutral, vegan and sustainable where possible. Yet have the latest trend, ingredient, texture, out of the box thinking personal care.

The Modern Teenager


We have created a product to reflect the current and near future teenager – our Gen Z to Alpha product concept. Combining proven ingredient efficacy, with purposeful formulation design for function and fun. 72% of Gen Z consumers regard their homes as an important part of maintaining their mental health*, but this is also an age for teenagers to test their independent freedoms. We have created a kit that combines both home products and ones that can be taken on the go. *STYLUS

Included is: Transforming Shimmer Shake Cleanser, Banish the Blemish Wash, Aqua Quench Cream, Spot on Stick, No Sweat Deodorant, Pucker Up Lip Balm, My Power UP/Down face spritz – the latter really taking the Givaudan moodscentz technology to a new product idea of calming the mind in moments of anxiety and unrest.

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The Home Kit
Transforming Shimmer Shake Cleanser This biphasic solution is the perfect way to wash away make-up and dirt while leaving the face smooth to the touch.
Banish the Blemish Bodywash
Aqua Quench Cream A Carbopol® Ultrez 10 watery break cream bursting with hydration goodness!
The Away Kit
Spot-On Stick Soothing targeted acne stick with dermosoft® decalact sebum MB and Phytosphingosine HCL to reduce signs of acne.
Pucker Up Lip Balm An oil rich formulation to keep lips hydrated and smooth.
No Sweat Stick A deodorant stick with a kick! A smooth buttery stick that challenges odour causing bacteria.
Power Up Spritz A water based mist to improve the skins viscoelasticity and decrease the appearance of wrinkles.
Power Down Spritz Just like it's Power Up alternative, but with a soothing fragrance to help relax and unwind a tired mind.

Friday, 05 August 2022