Hand Care Fragrances

Surfachem offers an extensive range of unique hand care fragrances on behalf of Givaudan.

Product Description

    From gentle hand moisturising fragrances to protective hand sanitiser fragrances and hand wash solutions, we pride ourselves in delivering high-performing fragrances that clean and protect, provide a sensual experience, and cause minimal environmental impact. With its unique power to evoke different emotions, fragrance plays a critical role in successful self-care solutions.

    A fragrance can offer consumers escapism, offering a blissful moment of calm and luxury after a long day, or it can offer a reassuring smell of cleanliness, so the consumer knows that the hand wash has cleaned tha hands. Clean and beautiful hands can inspire the wearer’s confidence and evoke a positive mood and mindset, or it can reassure and give hygiene cues to the wearer. Keeping our hands clean and nourished is a priority for many beauty consumers. It is important to harness the power of hand care fragrances, recognising that they are capable of not only offering functional benefits, but also creating brand differentiation, especially with the recent inclusion of more ‘perfumistic’ premium scents.

    Givaudan’s perfumers combine technology with consumer insights to design unique, high-performing solutions that are both functional and pleasurable to use on the hands.

    Our offering:

    • COSMOS approved hand care fragrances

    • Allergen free hand care fragrances

    • Vegan hand care fragrances

    • Natural hand care fragrances

    • MoodScentz and DreamScentz hand care fragrances

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