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Algae | Skin Care & Hair Care

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Algae first started trending in food, with the Instagrammable ‘mermaid toast’, a vibrant breakfast trend featuring Spirulina, that took social media by storm. Since then, we have seen algae-inspired home décor and now, within Personal Care.


Algae are very simple, chlorophyll-containing organisms. In cosmetics, algae can be used as thickening agents, water-binding agents, and antioxidants.

Within skincare, algae boost collagen production, promotes skin moisturisation and enhances the barrier function. For haircare applications, algae conditions, controls frizz, repairs and enhances shine.

Recommended Ingredients:

AlgaPūr™ HSHO Algae Oil (Lubrizol) – Algae fermented oil, data for hair (shine, repair, frizz) and skin, AlgaPūr

In May 2021, AlgaPūr™ High Stability High Oleic (HSHO) algae oil won the BSB Innovation Award® third prize for the most innovative raw material in “Natural Products/Raw Materials for Hair Care”

AlgaPūr™ HSHO algae oil contains over 90% of beneficial Omega 9 in a highly stable, liquid-based formula that protects the hair fiber from breakage, repairs split ends, provides shine, controls frizz, and improves the overall condition of the hair. Evaluation on various hair types highlighted that hair damage was 83% less likely to occur in hair treated with AlgaPūr™ HSHO algae oil than with untreated hair. It also repaired split ends 16% better than Argan Oil.

Benefits for the scalp include

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Wednesday, 17 March 2021