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Big Kid, Little Kid

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Big Kid Little Kid | Webinar


Family dynamics and parent roles are undoubtedly changing. However… 50% of dads still feel that baby personal care products are geared towards usage between mother and baby (Mintel).


Our Big Kid Little Kid concept, explores how traditional stereotypes in parenting are changing, and from this, stems a range of formulations designed for Dad’s to use with their young children.

Here at Surfachem, we’ve innovated with textures to make children’s personal care products more fun and engaging to use. We’ve turned bath time, into bath slime, and created soothing conditioners for all your baby’s creases.



Innovation and Repositioning


From Bradford Science Festival to SCS Formulate 2019

Back in July this year, Surfachem sponsored and attended the Bradford Science Festival.

During the event, we received huge support for our ‘Big Kid, Little Kid’ concept, encouraging children to get creative and design logos. From then to now, here’s some of our favourite designs that we displayed at SCS Formulate…


Key Ingredients

Product INCI Producer Overview
PERLASTAN® SC 25 NKW Sodium cocoyl glutamate; Disodium cocoyl glutamate Schill & Seilacher PERLASTAN® SC 25 NKW surfactant is among the mildest amino acid surfactants, from natural, renewable sources. It provides excellent cleansing and foaming properties, is environmentally friendly and is well-tolerated by sensitive and allergic skin types
RHEANCE One Glycolipids Evonik RHEANCE® One is a new class of all-natural ingredients for rinse-off applications. It is intended for cleansing, solubilising and foaming additive for gentle personal cleansing formulations. It also provides sensory benefits with a dense and cream foam that rinses easily from skin
STEPAN MILD L3 - G MB Lauryl Lactyl Lactate Stepan STEPAN MILD®L3 is a naturally dervied, multi-functional emollient/surfactant. It brings a pleasurable experience in formulations with creamy lathers, reduced irritation and a sensation of comfort after use
STEPAN-MILD® GCC Glyceryl Caprylate/Caprate Stepan STEPAN-MILD® GCC is a 100% bio-based emollient ester. It can boost the foam volume, enhance viscosity, gives conditioning properties and can offer a polymer-free suspending system. Its melting character and sensory properties can be an asset in skincare formulations
TEGO® FEEL C10 Cellulose Evonik TEGO® FEEL C10 is a sensory additive which is entirely based on natural cellulose fibres. This cellulose improves absorption and reduces oiliness on skin
VIAMERINE® WH 36 Hydroxysteraric/Linolenic/Oleic Polyglycerides Aldivia VIAMERINE® WH 36 consists of a mix of polyglycerides of 10% vegetable origin. It is a polyactive agent combining efficiency and sensoriality. It has excellent emulsification, hydration, anti-wrinkling and sensorial properties

If you have an enquiry regarding any of the above speciality chemical ingredients and/or formulations, please get in touch at

Thursday, 30 April 2020