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Creative Conditioning

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Hair conditioners are used to improve the feel and appearance of hair, with many consumers looking for both glossiness and shine. Conditioners works by reducing friction between strands of hair and locking in the hairs essential oils and nutrients.

Popular Claims

Popular claims within the hair conditioner market include Botanical/Herbal, Brightening and Hydrating, Paraben-free and ethical/environmental. In addition to these claims, Mintel have also identified untapped opportunities within this sector.


Creative Conditioning

Here at Surfachem, we’ve created ‘Creative Conditioning’ - an innovative product concept for preventing hair damage, breakage and split ends, whilst giving your hair the hydration, nourishment and care that it deserves.


Formulations and Key Ingredients

Formulatons Key Ingredients Description
Double Cream Cleansing Conditioner Creamy indulgence without the calories, luxury, rich feel with detangling powers
Unwind and Unraveller Relax and unwind - for knotty hair
Conservation Conditioner Sustainable conditioner – perfect for restoration of hair health whilst being kind to our planet
Conditioning Wand The ultimate solution for on-the go treatment. Compact and nourishing, this split end balm is suitable for longer hair types
Fresh Jelly Chameleon texture - applies like honey, breaks like jelly – Naughty with a hint of nice!

For more information on any of the above formulations, get in touch with us at

Sources: Mintel

Friday, 13 March 2020



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