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In-Cosmetics Virtual - Technical Webinar

in-cosmetics virtual

This year, Surfachem presented at in-cosmetics virtual, an event that welcomed everyone from contract manufacturers to start-up Indie brands.


2020 has seen a profound impact on consumer lifestyles and mindsets. Our team explored the changes we have experienced this year, and the effects these have had on our Personal Care routines.

Technical Presentation Recording

Key Ingredients

Multiples – Ingredients

Multiples looks at consumers desires for products that are multi-functional. In light of the shift towards the need for less packaging and for multi-usage products, we’ve created five formulations that demonstrate the beauty of using products for all parts of your body - from head to toe.

Chillax – Ingredients

The Chillax concept examines the popularity of luxury spa products that can be used at home. We’ve developed five luxury spa product concepts, carefully created to leave consumers feeling pampered from head to toe. AAAAAND Chillax.

Big Kid Little Kid – Ingredients

Our Big Kid Little Kid concept explores how traditional stereotypes in parenting are changing, and from this, stems a range of formulations designed for Dad’s to use with their young children. We’ve turned bath time, into bath slime, and created soothing conditioners for all your baby’s creases.

For Everyone – Ingredients

For Everyone is our inclusive product formulation concept that features no labels relating to age, gender, and socio-demographics. We believe that, as a brand, adopting a gender neutral formulation demonstrates acceptance, unity and equality.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2020



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