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Love Down Below

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Behind the Concept

Everyone and every part of us deserves to be taken care of! Our research shows, 66% of men “manscape” and 47% of women remove all intimate hair.

What’s more, Covid-19 has created a crisis of closeness, seeing the rise of services that are positioning isolation as an opportunity to re-assess the meaning of intimacy (Future Laboratory’s Forecast for 2021). Why? Humans are programmed for touch. The external messages that we have received over the last few months have been that physical intimacy is dangerous. Due to this many of us now crave intimacy and may therefore become physically imitate sooner than they would have pre-lockdown. For many, the pandemic has offered us a chance to reassess the kind of relationships we are in and think about what is, and what is not, working ourselves and with our partners.


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Formulation Concept

Love Down Below is a product concept based on gentle cleansing and caring products. pH balanced and specifically formulated with ingredients for your intimate areas, you’ll never feel irritated again.


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Wednesday, 17 March 2021