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Our Summer Formulations

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As we mark the beginning of the Summer holidays, we are celebrating with our range of innovative Summer Formulations based on the personal care trends of 2023!

Hydro Surge

Quench your skin with this luxurious moisturising cream, with a generous blend of SilSense™ Bio 5 Emollient to give a smooth silicone like feel, Kalibiome Ecogenetic to help skin barrier efficiency and skin microbiota balancing and ROVISOME® ACE NG packed with vitamins that penetrate deeper into skin.

Jelly Cleanser

Watch as before your eyes our Jelly Cleanser turns to a luxurious milk when water is added, watch make-up and dirt melt away with our high oil blend containing AlgaPūr to moisture as well as provide spreadability and slip,** **TEGOSOFT® AC MB to give a light skin feel and STEPAN-MILD® L3-G MB for a nice skin feel and good rinse off

Pantone Pucker up '23

Give your lips a Pantone® pop of colour from our Pantone®'s colour of the year themed lip tint. With AlgaPūr™ to provide immediate and long lasting moisture, STEPAN-MILD® GCC MB for a smooth application and TEGO® Feel C 10 for a powdery mattifying feel who can resist having a beautiful Viva Magenta 18-1750 pucker?

Coconut Deo Balm

Leave you underarms free from odour with the nice coconut scent of our deodorant balm containing dermosoft® decalact deo MB to fight against microorganisms causing undesirable body odours, STEPAN-MILD® GCC MB to help with a smooth skin application and Coconut Oil Virgin Organic for a silky feeling without leaving a greasy film.

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Wednesday, 02 August 2023