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Shell Chemicals - Neodol Alcohols & Alcohol Ethoxylates

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About Shell Chemicals

Shell Chemicals is a Global group of energy and petrochemical companies. With over 80 years experience in the chemical industry, Shell Chemicals manufactures the speciality chemical ingredients for many of our everyday products.

For over 20 years, Surfachem has worked in close partnership with Shell Chemicals to distribute their Neodol® range of Alcohols & Synthetic Alcohol Ethoxylates. They are suitable for a variety of sectors including surface cleaning, laundry detergents and vehicle care. In partnership, Shell and Surfachem offer in-house technical expertise to support your formulation development.

Core Application Areas

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Alcohols and Alcohol Ethoxylates

Name Chain Length Active % Pour Point °C Viscosity cSt
Neodol® 91 C9-11 100 -12 9
Name Chain Length EO Moles Active % HLB Pour Point °C Cloud Point °C Viscosity cSt @ 40°C
Neodol® 91-5 C9-11 5 100 11.6 4 32 18
Neodol® 91-6 C9-11 6 100 12.5 6 54 21
Surfac® UN65/95* C9-11 6 95 - - - -
Neodol® 91-8 C9-11 8 100 13.7 16 82 27
Surfac® UN90/90* C9-11 8 90 - - - -

*Diluted for ease of handling

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Monday, 04 May 2020