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A good night’s sleep is associated with improved energy, stress relief and improved mood.

According to a recent survey conducted by Kings College, London, 60% of UK adults are struggling to get a good night’s sleep, as a result of the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic.


Over recent years, we have seen the blurring of sleep and cosmetics products, with the aim of helping consumers sleep better and achieve their wellness goals. The “sleep economy” is of course not new, with all manner of sleep-aiding products and services gradually proliferating both physical and virtual retail spaces over the past five years, such that sleep-tech is a bona fide industry, and the global sleeping aids market is tipped to be worth £120 billion by 2030.


DreamScentz™ is a technical approach to creating fragrances that improve our quality of sleep. This is particularly important for consumers that may feel stressed and anxious during these uncertain times.


DreamScentz™ is a technical approach to creating fragrances that enhance our quality of sleep. The technology is based on scientific research used to measure the quality of peoples’ sleep in the presence of different types of fragrance types.

What kind of claim can we make?

Claims supported by our data are specifically related to the fragrance. We can provide a certificate to confirm that a fragrance conforms to patent guidelines and has passed the Sandman Classifier Test.

On this basis, the following claims would be supported:

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Wednesday, 17 March 2021